Call for abstracts and papers

Instructions for oral presentations and posters are now available:

Download instructions for oral presentations here.
NB! There is a regrettable syllabification in the e-mail address for slides in a previous version!

Download instructions for poster presentations here.


We have by March 27 recieved about 150 abstract which we are very grateful for. The abtract submission is now closed.

We invite practitioners as well as scientists from all over the world to contribute to this traditional Nordic conference. The theme of the conference is "Ergonomics for Sustainability and Growth". With this theme we would like to contribute to a better understanding of how both individuals and organisations can benefit from good ergonomics.

We welcome contributions from all different aspects of ergonomics. Good ergonomics is built on the basis of profound and well-founded research, investigations and experience from both industry and practitioners. To facilitate contributions at various levels we invite you to submit an abstract and for those who so wishes, to extend the abstract into a full paper. There will be two types of contributions: Scientific and Practitioner’s report (S or P before contribution number). The P-type contributions will be subject to a simplified review process, only reviewing relevance and logic presentation, while the S-type contributions will be reviewed according to established scientific standards. Both S- and P-type contributions can be either Oral or Poster. The conference language is English. However, P-type contributions may, when initially submitted, be in a scandinavian language. Oral P-type presentations may, by special exeption from the scientific committee, be presented in a scandinavian language.

A few full papers will be selected and the author will be invited to submit a scientific international journal article. This last option will only be valid for S-type contributions.

Sessions and workshops

By March 27 we are grateful to have suggestions for special sessions and workshops more than enough to fill a very interesting program.


Arranged by Ergonomics & Human Factors Society Sweden (EHSS) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).