Thank you for participating
at NES2012,
the 44th Annual International
Nordic Ergonomics and Human Factors Society Conference!

We are very happy that we had 300 participants from 25 countries from all over the world attending the conference and making it successful in many ways. We thank you all – each one of you, who made this conference possible and a meeting point between practitioners and researchers, students, and educators from companies, organisations, research institutes and authorities. We thank:

* all participators for coming and sharing your  knowledge, thoughts and friendliness in a most generous way

* the inauguration and keynote speakers for your high quality contributions and the important insights you gave us

* our sponsors for your strong support, important for organizing the conference

* the exhibitors for your contributions, showing products and services of high interest in the field of ergonomics and the gifts you donated

* all presenters at sessions, symposiums, workshops and poster sessions, all authors of papers and posters for your interesting  and important contributions

* the reviewers for reviewing both abstracts and papers, securing high quality of the contributions

* all colleagues who have been organizing the conference

* the staff at "Bokningsbolaget", our conference bureau, for good support and collaboration

* the staff at Vår Gård for all the service and care they provided us during the conference

For the Organizing Committee of NES2012

Linda Rose
Chair of NES2012

Christina Jonsson
Chair Ergonomics & Human Factors
Society Sweden (EHSS)




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Other sponsors


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Arranged by Ergonomics & Human Factors Society Sweden (EHSS) and Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).